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Voters should be protected from being deceived


Voters should be protected from being deceived

those who are sick and those who have lost their loved ones running to MPs for financial support and it did not make sense at the time given the roles that I know MPs play.

But after some observation, I have come to realize that this kind of dependency behaviour is instigated by the MP’s themselves .

At this time, you will find upcoming MPs and incumbents busy organizing community meetings persuading them to give them votes in return for future services.

They go around initiating meetings even at family level promising to pay fees for orphans, constructing tarmac roads in remote villages which promises I consider ridiculous knowing the meagre pay that these MPs get.

Not only that, these days many MP’s slaughter animals to feed the electorate, sponsor small enterprises like football clubs in disguise of finding talents while their only aim is to rob votes.

Am so sure that all these activities are not sustainable and that is why by February next year, the poor voters will start lamenting how they made a bad choice.

We all know that the major role of MPs is to legislate, and oversee government programs among others, why then are they making empty promises. The answer is to simply win your vote.

I therefore appeal to the civil society and the Electoral commission to enlighten the population on the real expectations from MPs so that their votes are not misplaced.



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