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Nyombi Thembo wins in loss


Nyombi Thembo wins in loss

I was recently thrilled when junior ICT Minister Nyombi Thembo graciously conceded defeat to former Police spokesman Simeo Nsubuga in the NRM primaries for Kassanda South in Mubende District. To add to that, he wrote a nice article in the media stating that there is life after politics.

Such behaviour is in very short supply in Uganda. Whereas some people are busy crying foul even when they lost genuinely, Nyombi showed a laudable ability to realise that politics is a game in which one can win and lose.

He is a far cry from the typical Ugandan politician who views politics as a do-or-die affair because of the lucrative ministerial posts and Parliamentary seats involved.

What is more annoying is that people fight for political positions not to serve Ugandans, but to service their insatiable appetites for everything Western.

They will never care, therefore, that Ugandans cannot access basic healthcare, Ugandan children go through school without learning, or that there is hardly anything Uganda can produce on its own.

They keep telling the youth not to think of getting government jobs but that instead, the youth should create their own employment. Why don’t these old folk create their own jobs now that they even have start up capital from their savings?

Thank you very much, Nyombi, and may the many career politicians clinging on to elective office take an leave from you.



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