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Museveni is indeed a Witch!


Museveni is indeed a Witch!

President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni

Two weeks ago, a story appeared in this paper titled “Museveni is a witch” following the collapse of The Democratic Alliance recently.

I actually laughed my head off as soon as I saw it and dismissed it as sheer buffoonery.

But I have had to change my mind after taking a closer look at what has been unfolding in the opposition camp lately.

Foremost, When the Democratic Alliance (TDA) decided to unite against president Museveni; all felt that this alliance had the necessary ammunition to kill off Museveni but wapi! TDA failed dismally and all the representatives of the opposition parties failed to achieve their cardinal objective namely; coming up with a single presidential candidate.

Much as the TDA summit finally zeroed on John Patrick Mbabazi (JPAM) and Kizza Besigye (KB), Both of these unfortunately looked like they were working for Museveni with KB emphasizing his entitlement to the opposition flag while JPAM insisted he possesses a master card to oust M7 claiming a touch financial muscle as well as a wide network of supporters within the NRM party.

Not even the brokering efforts of Kenya’s strong opposition leader Raila Odinga managed to resuscitate the alliance with either candidate stuck to his guns, but even this ready to expend their full energies disproving one another rather than their key political opponent president Museveni during the coming elections.

Then finally came the U turn pooled off by former vice president Gilbert Baalibaseka Bukenya back to supporting Museveni, with secrets and plots being nursed by his erstwhile allies to floor the incumbent president.

Worse still, the development has since got tongues wagging. This time against other former members of the Movement who now comprise TDA particularly Amama Mbabazi whom many fear and suspect, it is a matter of time before they join the list of ‘prodigal sons soon jostling to come home.




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