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Parents to blame for high unemployment rate


Parents to blame for high unemployment rate

you will discover that many of our students graduate in Arts subjects, leaving a huge gap in the science department.

Regarding the high unemployment rate in Uganda, one will discover that the problem is not about illiteracy but wide spread literacy whose concentration is specified in art subjects . Many of our graduates are proficient in Arts which has led to the exploitation of almost all of job opportunities leaving those in the science department unexploited.

It should be noted that a number of parents have played a huge role in this failure. Right from primary level, it instead makes them fear these subjects.

And because of this fear, when they get to secondary level, many deliberately exclude math and science subjects as priority and concentrate on English and other art subjects which results into a huge numbers of students taking Arts at A’Level.

To make matters worse, at university level, because of government sponsorship, many students with the support of their parents who are happy to be relieved from paying tuition fees will pursue a course on grounds that it is sponsored by government. Parents who see this as a blessing forget that these courses selected for their children will be useless and irrelevant in the job market.

Its our duty as parents to nurture and guide our children to develop love for these science subjects and perhaps this will reduce on the rising unemployment rate . We should emulate those countries where children are guided not jus produced.



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