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Donald Trump has exposed America


Donald Trump has exposed America

America's Donald Trump

America’s Donald Trump

Since the US primary elections kicked off about a year ago , my perception of the American people has grown from bad to worse.

I have always suspected all the things I am seeing today in America but I did not know they were true of Americans and their culture until Donald Trumps tongue came wagging during his campaign antics exposing America and what it really is.

Despite the fact that all Americans are foreigners in what they call America, like Trump they are terrible who can’t stand the sight of other races including those of the original owners of the land they are occupying today.

Worse still, just like Trump, America is a violent country where every one is clamoring and jostling to own a gun so they can kill somebody, many a time for frivolous if not flimsy reasons!

They are also nauseating extremists who can not tolerate different views especially religious ones to the extent that Muslims for example who are their fellow Americans live in constant fear for their lives within American boarders.

And yet even after advocating for all these extreme and violent views, Trump continues to receive enthusiastic cheers from the American people only to confirm the truism that people, indeed the Americans get leaders they deserve.





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