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Is Uganda going for war or for elections?


Is Uganda going for war or for elections?

I was thrilled. Peace and security mean a great deal to me.

But when Fred Enanga, (Pictured) the police force publicist disclosed that the police is planning to have 24/7 hour mobile and foot patrols , marine and police air wing surveillance countrywide, backed up by the recently recruited Special Force Constables (SPCs), crime preventers and other security agencies including the Prisons Service and the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), I got shocked.

My God, is our country going to war or elections? Someone should answer me, I am really concerned.

It would have been understandable if the police had stopped with the 149,000 personnel to ensure peaceful elections but what beats my understanding is the addition of the UPDF. What has the army got to do with elections?

Mr. Enanga, is there something you have not disclosed to us ordinary Ugandans? If the police is planning to deploy such a large force, scatter foot patrols all over the country and then work alongside with the UPDF, to me that means one thing-war.

And if it is war, should we go for cover?

Mr. Enanga, I need answers to these questions otherwise I will remain in my house, gather a few belongings of mine and prepare to run. I won’t go for any elections if someone doesn’t assure me that these elections won’t be violent and lead into something worse.



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