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Shame on KCCA, plaudits for UPDF


Shame on KCCA, plaudits for UPDF

mosquitoes, fleas and cockroaches.

What the UPDF did was clearly a thorn to KCCA’s so called developmental plans that have been a menace to people’s survival. The one thing I notice about KCCA is that they are snobbish in nature. Their plans for Kampala remind me of a snob’s way of looking down on people who are not of his/her status.

To them, developing something means to utterly destroy it especially if it does not meet their standards. They will go ahead to tear it down with a plan to build something new that fits their standard but which in effect will never be built.

They are not concerned whether in the process of development people’s lives and property are destroyed. This explains why instead of catering for people’s welfare, they go around planting flowers as if that can contribute anything to people’s lives.

UPDF’s thoughtfulness gives me a reason to believe that for all the time KCCA has been waiting for the suburbs to rot so that they have an excuse to destroy them. Because why else would their job be taken up by the UPDF.

Well since our army has come to our rescue, I will say shame upon you, KCCA. It is not every day that the UPDF leaves its field of work to come to our rescue in matters concerning our health. I am greatful to our army for understanding the fact that its people who make up this country but not buildings.

If KCCA could understand that concept may be then shall we also understand its need to destroy our property in the name of development.



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