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Involve students in entertainment activities


Involve students in entertainment activities

Drummers for the Ganda Bakisimba Muwogola Nankasa dance

Drummers for the Ganda Bakisimba Muwogola Nankasa dance

I was not surprised when I read about how over 150 students from different secondary schools in Mbale were arrested recently during a police raid on a club in Mbale town. Going wild and doing all kinds of crazy things such as sneaking out of schools to go clubbing, hit on local girls and drink alcohol has always been a part of growing up when it comes to students.

It’s something that has to do with the adolescent stage, you will still find students daring to sneak out of schools for a little fun.

And why is that? It’s quite simple! Apart from the raging hormones, another issue that forces students to go wild and crazy is the dull mind that results from the frequent studying and forced revision session that they go through Monday to Friday, early mornings, day and late evening.

If we are aware that work without play makes Jack a dull boy, why should we expect students to sit idle. As the saying goes, when a person overworks, expect stress, boredom and restlessness.

If as an adult, you get stressed from work expect the same with the student who at all times is studious. Like any other human, students also get tired and while I agree that they must study, I also recommend schools to indulge them in a little entertainment from time to time.

Today, what I have observed in many schools is the goal of achieving academic excellence. Students are forced to study non stop in the name of achieving good grades which is quite tedious. I remember when I was at St. Kalemba SSS way back in 2004, on weekends; it was always a series of entertainment: from movies to Kadanke shows to sports competitions in football, basketball, volleyball and netball.

This school made sure that every student was catered for. If you were not interested in movies, you could go for Kandake and if not, there was always a sports competition.  By Sunday evening, we were always in a jolly mood and ready to take on another week of studying. And by Fridays, we were in anticipation for another boot of entertainment.This always cured us of home sickness and never would one think of sneaking out of school with such an entertainment indulgement.

I believe in academic excellence but sometimes it would be proper for schools to mix in a little fun to lessen the boredom that comes with all that studying.





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