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Bobi Wine deserves to be in Parliament


Bobi Wine deserves to be in Parliament

Bobi Wine deserves to be in Parliament

Bobi Wine deserves to be in Parliament

Arguments that the newly- elected MP for Kyadondo East, do not hold any substance.  I witnessed two older women talking about his election, alleging that, on top of being a drug addict, he has characteristics of bayaye .

I am of the view that our past does not reflect our present.  It is` not good to judge people with what they have done in past.  Maybe Bobi Wine’s` childhood was not that favourable, and he ended up in ghetto, but he has managed to prosper from nobody to somebody.

Besides, he is a responsible man with a family, several businesses and a good education background, currently pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree. In any case, he is` the choice of people in Kyadondo East, so it should be respected.

I urge Ugandans to stop criticizing for the sake, since leadership comes from God. I only hope Ssentamu will work closely with other leaders to promote Kyadondo and Uganda.

Sherina Magret Namakula,



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