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Cheap mangoes all over Kampala


Cheap mangoes all over Kampala

Cheap mangoes all over KampalaEven while this is the mango season, there are some people who are still selling them expensively, depending which place you happen to buy them from.

The most expensive place to buy then at is undoubtedly the Nakasero Market. I do not know about the supermarkets, whether they also sell them there, too.

When they had just come into the market, you would find that they were sold singly for UGX 1, 000 per mango, but not now. For the average consumer, it is ideal to buy them in clusters; and these are now sold at UGX 1, 000, for a cluster of between four to six mangoes.

To get this good bargain, you need to get up early, especially when you are in and about central Kampala.

Go to the junction of the roads of Nasser Road and Entebbe Road by Conrad Plaza, and you will find some of the women selling a cluster of the nature described above at only UGX 100 – that is right, only one hundred shillings.

This is a good bargain for all of us who need the mangoes as fruit for both medicinal purposes and for the food value of fruit. And you can surely afford UGX 100 for six mangoes.

Ebenezer Wafula, Nsambya



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