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Waiting for another Bodaboda 2010


Waiting for another Bodaboda 2010

Kampala with its many bodaboda's

Kampala with its many bodaboda’s

I thought I was getting fed up with the media being full of Kale Kayihura this; Kayihura that, after the arrest of the fellow. Before that I had got scared of Kayihura of the teargas and Police brutality. And I am praying and wishing that it ends in one way or another.

But wait a moment: a few days ago I flagged down a bodaboda taxi for a ride to a short destination. The fellow started talking about Kayihura, as some of the bodaboda men, are keen to talk to their passengers. I told him what I thought about the whole matter.

He merely laughed; and I asked him why. He said that he had been one of the Abdallah Kitatta 2010 operatives; and that he believed things were not yet over.

“You wait for some time, we are waiting for another Bodaboda 2010, maybe this time we shall rename it Bodaboda 2018. In this country, you can never rule out the return of such operations. And we shall be in business again. We like ruling this country.”

I was happy to get off his bike when I got to my destination.

Erenesit Linobola Kinawataka, Mbuya/



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