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Kidnapping goes to a new level


Kidnapping goes to a new level

Kidnapping goes to a new level

Kidnapping goes to a new level

My interest has been drawn to a story in one of the papers that reported that chimpanzees had kidnapped a child. This must be a first of its kind in the world. But for Uganda, it is a mere addition to a phenomenon.

Child kidnapping and disappearances has been taking place here for more than 20 years now. To my knowledge, only one person has been arrested for kidnapping and beheading a child. Yet children have been disappearing from around the country almost on a weekly basis. All these children have disappeared without trace. How can this be?

There have been incessant rumours that these kids have been and are being used for witchcraft sacrifices. This is especially done by politicians and businessmen to further their careers and accumulate wealth, respectively. The fact that these kidnaps are untraceable is that those involved are people in the  power ful positions such that they are hard to follow.

If they are now suspicious that the newly-recreated Police Force of Okoth Ochola is on their tails, they have decided to adopt a new method of, either using chimpanzees to do the kidnapping for them, or saying that it is the chimps, when in reality they are hiding behind the chimps.

God save Uganda from these fellows!

Tolia Najjuko




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