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Otafiire: degrading other African leaders


Otafiire: degrading other African leaders

Otafiire: degrading other African leaders

Otafiire: degrading other African leaders

Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire, the Minister of Constitutional Affairs, accused leaders of being corrupt and not being accountable to the people they lead. He talked when addressing the pupils of Kiswa Primary School, recently.

I was taken aback at his address, when he was condemning African leaders, as if he was not one of those leaders. Obviously, he was talking like this because of his association with Pan-Africanism. Where is Otafiire putting himself in this terrible abuse of their populations?

A few days after his address it was reported in the media that he had allegedly “illegally” authorized the payment of UGX 15.4 billion to Mr. Bob Kasango, as payment of the money which belonged to 6,339 pensioners. Mr. Kasango is not even one of these pensioners.

This came out in an embezzlement case in which the former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Mr. Jimmy Lwamafa, and his accomplices, are facing theft charges of that money. How is Maj. Gen. Otafiire going to reconcile this?

Can Gen. Otafiire reconcile the position he took at Kiswa Primary School, as a Ugandan and one of the African leaders, with his condemnation of African leaders as thieves?


Josephine Oromcan, Nebbi



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