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Finally Jennifer Musisi quits, very well


Finally Jennifer Musisi quits, very well

KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi's no nonsense approach has sidelined many poor people

KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi

We have been treated to many rumours before that the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi, was on the verge of leaving her job, only to see that she was firmly in the chair. There was a time in a Parliamentary Committee inquiry when she, essentially said that, she was disgusted with the job. Some months ago it was rumoured that she had offered her resignation to the President, who turned her down.

Yet at a number of occasions, he accused her of incompetence. In one such a public venue, he even made some derogatory remarks about her person. I thought that it was too much for her to be treated to such disdain without her throwing in the towel. Now, I hope the President will accept her resignation – and that she means it.

Even then, it is still a surprise in the conduct of political personages in this country. The only person so far, who was alternatively praised and blamed in equal measure, for making such a decision, was the MP, Joseph Ziritwaula. When one recalls it, it seems that happened such a long time ago. There are certainly many such people who should quit their jobs because of the ridicule they have, either brought into the jobs, or the ridicule they have been subjected to. They should not be there.

I wish a score of politicians and other leaders had the courage of their convictions to leave those contentious jobs and uncouth performances that they are forced to perform; it would give this country some moral relief from corruption.

Abdallah Kigozi, Kampala 



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