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United Nations should act on errant States


United Nations should act on errant States

Amnesty International's (AI) Kumi Naidoo,

Amnesty International’s (AI) Kumi Naidoo,

Did you watch Amnesty International’s (AI) Kumi Naidoo, on the telly last week, as he commemorated the unveiling of the Nelson Mandela statue at the United Nation’s (UN) 73rd General Assembly in New York? Not only is Naidoo a South African like Mandela was, but that he is the first African to head AI.

In that position, he castigated the UN for hosting, especially the Third world Heads of State who have violated every decorum of democratic behaviour without the august body taking them to task. I add to his voice in referring to some Latin American, African and Far Eastern countries for the abject records of human rights’ violations, uninterrupted corruption and pretence at democratic behaviuor.

For some of these countries, their records have already been reported to the UN. But the Secretary General, Antonio Guetteres, does not even make an oblique reference to their dastardly conduct. It was left to AI’s Naidoo to do that.

We recommend Kumi Naidoo for the next Secretary General of the UN!


Salahddin Jelambasa, Kampala



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