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Uganda Premier League should pull up its socks


Uganda Premier League should pull up its socks

Manchester City's Raheem Sterling celebrates scoring his sides third goal of the game

While many Ugandans may know Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling many dont know the names of the Ugandan players

The Abazukulu, who have been shouting at the top of their voices, in video halls, while watching the English Premier League, are now at a loss of what to do next. Their entertainment business is at an end this season, yet this is the business in which the EPL grosses more than twenty billion Pounds annually.

The Uganda Premier League ended more than two weeks ago in a whimper; nobody even noticed it! If you asked these abazukulu which team won the UPL they may not know it. And they don’t even know the players, yet they can tell you all the players in the EPL.

Unless the UPL authorities learn from EPL, and make the local league a money spinner, too, UPL will not be popular. Why should these fellows be bereft of ideas how to popularize the UPL; and make money?

Eric Bwerinde, Mbarara



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