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Women braid hair like ropes


Women braid hair like ropes

Braided hair

Braided hair

I have observed that the majority of women in Kampala make their hair styles with braids like ropes. In fact, apart from the black colour, you might mistake that the women are carrying ropes on their heads.

I heard that a lot of money goes to import this hair, and they charge up to even one million for certain hair styles. Yet the women will merely turn them into forms of ropes.

I am coming up with what I think is a brilliant idea, yet it will be very cheap compared to the importation of hair from China and such places. Tanzania has the best species if sisal which would make very good rope braids for hair. The business people dealing with the hair should instead import this sisal from Tanzania and turn it into braids for Kampala women.

I think that everybody will benefit from this venture. And it will also be good for the East African Federation idea since we shall be promoting localized economic co-operation.

Hipolito Byamukama, Kampala




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