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Ministry of Education Culpable for Death of Busoga pupil


Ministry of Education Culpable for Death of Busoga pupil

Janet Museveni

OK, I agree that children will fight all the time when adults are not looking, but sometimes even when the adults are present. However, the situation of the death of Sowedi Mugulusi in a Lukolo Junior School classroom cannot be tolerated.

This was in a classroom, for God’s sake! There must be a proper manner that pupils are instructed to behave in such a setting. It is not a kraal. That both the headmaster and the teachers had not inculcated this as a matter of urgent etiquette is a matter for extreme regret.

Ultimately, the Ministry of Education has to be held accountable for the lack of manners in schools. There has to be a strict code of conduct emanating from the headquarters of the education institutions that such a situation must not be allowed to have occurred in the first instance. There cannot be any excuse that there was no control.

This would have to have come from a moral stance that the children should have been taken through. Lack of it means all the other organs of the institution are lacking. What a pity!

Juanita Nalugoloobi




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