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Now that Bashir is behind bars, Let’s ask ourselves: where is Kony?


Now that Bashir is behind bars, Let’s ask ourselves: where is Kony?

Joseph Kony; Where is he?

Since December last year, the events in Sudan have moved with speed. After 33 years in power, Mohammed al Bashir was toppled from power. Many things were revealed about the fellow’s dictatorial regime: for instance, that he had stashed sacks of currency of different countries in his Khartoum residence.

It has led to the disbandment of his feared militia which caused havoc in Darfur. It also gave rise to the formation of the Sovereign Council that is currently ruling; and the abrogation of some obnoxious laws that brought the regime into national disrepute.

One thing, however, we here, are not talking about, is the whereabouts of the leader of the Lords’ Resistance Army, Joseph Kony. At the height of his notoriety, Kony was believed to be easily moving between the Central African Republic and Sudan. In fact, it was being said that Bashir had even given Kony a villa where he was residing in Khartoum, well known to anybody who cared to know.

At the time nobody could have done anything about it. Now that Bashir is facing crimes against humanity in The Hague, is it not time that the people of Uganda should ask about Kony’s whereabouts in Sudan. And if that be the case, let the NRM Government ask the new Sudan leaders for his extradition to Uganda; or The Hague.

Adul Karim Kerwegi, Nebbi



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