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What I saw last year


What I saw last year

We have for years tried to please people especially politicians. These people end up disappointing us. Politicians are very similar to immature boys in the music industry. They humbly look for success. The moment they leap ahead, to fame and money, their phone numbers change.

These people completely forget even the good-hearted men and women that spotted them and carried them away from filthy places that they would die in very unknown. Don’t look at only this essay or the other bitter one I wrote last year and you begin judging me, wanting to crucify me.

We have written for years. We have hyped people’s abilities for decades. We are sorry if we wrote and some politicians fell. Those we have lifted are very many anyway. I today write what I feel in my heart. That is all. Understand me please.

I wrote for more than five years before this government took our conversations seriously. They all stood up last year and walked, because they were appreciating us, against the rampant corruption in our country.  To me that was an achievement. We had talked, for decades.

We had started looking stupid.  They eventually heard. We shall inform the general public when some of the untouchables in our country are handcuffed to be kept in stinking cells until even the next government comes around to lock them up even harder.

Patriotic writers won when Museveni and his friends admitted that corruption exists in Uganda. The corrupt have squandered this little country’s money for more than thirty years. Some of the things I saw in 2019 made me happy.

Thank you, president Museveni. I ended last year by thanking Bobi Wine. Selfish people who find it completely not necessary to analyse what we write had abused me for than three months. I know what I am doing and it is the only thing that I am going to do again in 2020.

When I wrote thanking Bobi Wine in my article entitled Thank You Bobi Wine, now you opposition politicians assembled your hearts, in one place, and you clapped for me.  There is a reason why some once vocal young politicians are today working for the people that they ten years ago attacked.

Betty Kamya’s silence today doesn’t mean she dumped Buganda Kingdom. Create time and listen to these people, to understand why they were talkative then. I started writing before Bobi Wine became a politician. It means as Bobi Wine was talking through music, I was in newspapers writing building our country.

It would be better if some officials worked without receiving any coin from the tax payer for some time. We want to see how far they can go as far as loving or serving our country is concerned. Whatever you are today doing was supposed to be done two decades ago.

We too once wrote for free but we did not take away from our employers any shilling that did not belong to us. I advised president Museveni when I did not have any hope that he would ever know me. Who was paying me?

It bothers me so much and my head pains me when I see a child in politics beginning by reading liberation speeches delivered by Nelson Mandela or Gandhi.  Have you ever sat down to know why your adversary president Museveni has led your country for more than thirty years?

Do you know why some members of parliament who say Museveni must go still want to remain in parliament representing people? You say God exists. Did Besigye know that one day a young man from the industry of music would topple him from the position he had held for almost twenty years?

There is no time. You wasted a lot of time on social media last year. You travelled abroad a lot.  White men from Europe and America are slowly losing interest in Africa and I think they would rather concentrate and impeach more leaders there than striving to give power to a man they have never dealt with.

Elections will be conducted next year. Only those who will work hard will get to the positions they want. Americans are in America with more than a million big problems.

They did not help Besigye come to power. They will not do it for any other man or woman in this country. I saw you reporting Museveni to the white man last year. I just laughed.  Stop crying like a baby. Leaders must be strong and determined.

Where were the Americans for more than twenty years when we could hardly manage to build durable highways, health centers, with medicine in them or the schools that we needed? I think it is time for us all to, together, lay strategies so that this country can develop. If you cannot humble yourself, to massage Museveni from power, then I think the industry of music will be more profitable than politics soon again.

Power is not easily attained. We jealously guard it therefore.  In politics we can even dance for you if what we need is power. We kneel to get sympathy from voters, so that they may give us what we greedily need. I shook my head in disbelief when I thought about what the Chinese people have done for this country and Africa in only one decade like this.





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