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NUP accuses NRM of deploying ‘goons’ to close their Gulu Party Offices


NUP accuses NRM of deploying ‘goons’ to close their Gulu Party Offices

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has denounced a group of youth that stormed and their party Gulu regional offices as interfearence from NRM meant to embarrass NUP leaders and disorganize the Party.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the party Spokesperson narrated that a group of youth stormed thier offices and closed it with wires after accusing the party Vice President for Northern region, Lina Zedriga of corruption and mismanagement.

Ssenyonyi described the attackers as unruly goons who have no attachment to the party irrespective of them claiming to be disgruntled party members.

“The one who led the park, a one Tony Olege used to be our coordinator whom we asked to step aside months ago due to misconduct; we understand he is now an NRM mobiliser,” Ssenyonyi revealed.

He added that the goons took away three laptops, two phones, party posters, petty cash plus a handbag belonging to the office receptionist.

Ssenyonyi said that these went ahead and locked the party offices with some wires.

Ssenyonyi revealed that these were simply pretending to be party members with the intention of wrecking havoc and humiliating NUP leaders.

He further alleged that this was clearly a state operation which explains why their team informed Police about the events but no action was taken.

“We have also got information that these particular youth will in the coming days be meeting NRM top leaders to get a reward for their illegal acts; the continuous plans by state to persecute and blackmail NUP and its leaders are not going to break our spirits,” he said.




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