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Airtel powers NAM Summit with ultra fast 5-G internet connectivity


Airtel powers NAM Summit with ultra fast 5-G internet connectivity

Right; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Aminah Zawedde (2nd R), Managing Director, Airtel Uganda, manoj murali (3rd R), Public Relations Manager, Airtel Uganda, David Birungi (3rd L), Head Retail, Airtel Uganda, Carol Asio (2nd L), and Networks Director Airtel Uganda, Rajesh Agrawal (1st L).

Guests from more than 120 developing nations around the world have started to converge in Uganda for the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) Submits.

To facilitate communication, one of Uganda’s largest telecoms company – Airtel has offered to put in place ultra-fast Internet commenting for use at the conference and afterwards.

Announcing a significant move that underscores Airtel’s commitment to digital inclusivity and technological advancement, Manoj murali, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director revealed that as an internet partner the company is beefing up the already existing 5G internet for ease of connectivity and access.

Murali said the company highlights the transformative power of digital connectivity and its crucial role in the context of global collaboration and progress.

“In a world reshaped by technological advancements, developing countries play an increasingly significant role. Airtel Uganda is at the forefront of this transformation, bringing many firsts in Uganda and building partnerships that accelerate digital inclusion in Africa,” he said.

The summit will bring together representatives from 120 nations. It serves as a platform for solidarity, cooperation, and mutual respect among countries striving for sustainable development, peace, and fairness in an interconnected world.

“we have improved network performance along the Entebbe Express Way, around hotels hosting delegates. Our commitment is to enable impactful change. Each interaction, document shared, and video conference at this summit could be the catalyst for innovative solutions, life-changing policies, or transformative partnerships across the world,” added manoj.

David Birungi, the Airtel Publicity further breaks down the over 50 million shillings package to the Non-Aligned Movement set to take place from the 15th to the 20th of January 2024 at the Speke Resort Convention Centre Munyonyo.
He says that the telecom firm has delivered a fiber cable internet connection to the Munyonyo ICT server room to ensure that the ICT requirements of the commonwealth resort are taken care of.

Adding that even outside the conference venue, the delegates in their rooms and every participant that will be there, we have 5G connectivity at Munyonyo which is just one of the 49 sites in Kampala that are already on 5G.

“We have also specifically improved the network around Mulago Referral Hospital to support the activities that are around treating nationals and of course guests that may fall sick.

So today we are handing over 500 sim cards each loaded with 50000 shillings worth of airtime to enable our delegates to start off, such that they do not go off”-Birungi explained.

Birungi added that Airtel is also going to give airtime to accredited journalists that are going to be covering the summit.
Airtel Uganda is at the forefront of this transformation, bringing many firsts in Uganda and building partnerships that accelerate digital inclusion in Africa.”

Receiving Airtel’s contribution, the permanent Secretary Ministry of ICT Dr. Aminah Zawedde, noted applauded Airtel Uganda’s role in the summit saying this partnership offers a pivotal role in facilitating discussions that could shape the future of developing countries and the world at large.

Dr. Zawedde further applauded Airtel for its contribution to the digital transformation which is a government priority that relates with the themes for the summits.

“The themes of these summits, I think are ideal for us, for NAM the theme is Global Peace with Global governments, so we (ICT ministry and Airtel) are here to make peace and to work together and then the Theme for the G77 plus China summit is leaving No one behind and this also resonates with the sustainable development goals but also with many of the visions and goals of this country. We don’t want to leave anyone behind, especially as we do digital transformation,” said Dr.Zawedde said.

She said that this partnership with Airtel will ensure a seamless and successful summit.
Dr. Zawedde explained that when the ministry sought out for partners, Airtel responded to the call on grounds that the mandate of the ICT ministry is to ensure connectivity and have communication even for the delegates and the company has been able to support this cause.



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