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5 top musicians who are following Bobi Wine into Politics


5 top musicians who are following Bobi Wine into Politics

Musicians who are following Bobi into Politics

Musicians who are following Bobi into Politics

The way H.E Bobi Wine whipped his opponents has caused an avalanche of musicians declare and start preparing for the next elections

As we speak now Rafiki is privy to info that some of our biggest celebs who have been hiding their intentions have now started preparations, with some who already had started, hospital here are perhaps the next five MP’s from the music fraternity!

Ronald Mayinja – Gomba

Mayinja declared long time ago that he will be vying for a seat in Gomba, as we speak now he is doing a Diploma at Makerere University and he Rafiki wishes to advice the Gomba MP’s that woe onto you if he points at your constituency because bambi he will beat you hands down just like Bobi did in Kyadondo!

Geofrey Lutaaya. Kyotera:

Whenever Geofrey Lutaaya goes back to perform in Kyotera, all other musicians postpone their shows because the home boy rules rumour is that NRM noticed this and they are trying to coax him into running as their candidate when the time comes. Rafiki would also not hesitate to declare him one of our future MP’s.

Hilderman –Mawokota

One thing that this Veterinary doctor has is luck! Hilderman is so lucky that he has eyes and ears of the most powerful and influencial ladies of politics in Uganda. Having heard that Amelia Kyambadde is not standing in the next elections Hilderman has decided to come out from the shadow of singing campaign songs to being the guy to beat! BUT and it’s a big BUT he can and will succeed if only Amelia will SUPPORT HIM! So his success is tied in Amelia, if she comes to his rescue as she has done many times then he is on ‘a sure win deal’.

Eddy Yawe – Central Kampala

Like Hilderman, Yawe could this time around be sailing to victory, but his success is tied on the performance of Bobi Wine these 4 years, if as expected Bobi performs nicely, then surely, Bobi could act as the new Besigye of Kampala, now that the ghetto guys have defied him on Kantinti and Bobi, they too can do the same…..hope Bobi is reading this…….do well and bring another family member on board!

Raga Dee – Makindye

One person who voters are real mad at is Allan Ssewanyana, and his act on playing with the Imams of Makindye and giving them tokens for Idd after making them wait for almost a full day, has worsened his position with many voters on a daily basis falling out with him! Rafiki thinks that Allan’s major point of weakness is his ability to sweet talk people, the problem is that, sweet talking people has its limit and people start not believing in you. So Raga Dee, stand a chance if he can shake off his NRM outfit and come out as the MP, who can also sing for multitudes of revelers in Makindye, then he too has a chance! Rafiki believes that many celebs will come out before the elections and many will have the advantage of face value! So politicians the musicians are coming for your trade maybe its time you guys leant to sing!




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