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Outlet: Apalling customer care


Outlet: Apalling customer care

On Sunday 29th Oct. 2017, I walked into Outlet Supermarket on Freedom City Branch to buy some items thanks to the store’s aggressive advertising.

As I strolled through the stands, my eyes landed on a bathroom brush that I’d wanted to buy for a long time. Unfortunately, it had no price tag. This made me inquire from the nearest assistant, what price it could cost me.

I was astounded when the young lady responded without even looking at me; “I work on this side” she did not even bother to show me somebody else who worked in that section but just strutted away as if I did not exist.

I brushed that aside and thought it was a one off. I moved on to buy some cakes and guess what. I encountered the same sick attitude. This time, the girl behind the counter told me she had no change after I gave her a ten thousand note.

I abandoned the cakes and proceeded to pick other items I wanted which included a loaf of bread, the bathroom brush and some plates. On getting to the final counter, the cashier – a woman and a man (packing stuff), asked me if I needed to pack my stuff, to which I answered in the affirmative.

But before they could pack the items, they asked me for 300/= for the carrier bag. I told them I would not pay for a carrier bag because I thought the simple carrier bag was a courtesy for customer care. They both insisted that the carrier bag was on sale. What I did was to carry the merchandise I had bought in my hands and took them to my car.

But I’ve been forced to write through your newspaper to tell the management of Outlet to shape up, if they want to stay in business. The way I was mistreated has led me to question whether Outlet really trains its workers in customer-care or they simply pick raw school drop-outs from the village and put them behind counters to serve people?

I have been to supermarkets and even to very small shops and can confirm that transparent carrier bags are given free to the customers to carry their stuff.

What happens if you buy Irish potatoes, or oranges or meat from this supermarket?? Do people have to carry these items in their hands like I carried my things in my bare hands to my car? Even rolex sellers pack for their customers how about a big supermarket lik Outlet.

Mariam Najjuma, 0759-809056, Kampala



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