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If Mabirizi became President of Uganda

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If Mabirizi became President of Uganda

Presidential candidate Joseph Mabirizi

Presidential candidate Joseph Mabirizi

In my nationality, though, negatively.

Let’s assume someone bewitched all Ugandan voters and they showered Mabirizi with all their votes, quite a number of interesting things will happen in this country with our new president. First of all Mr. Museveni will immediately run out of this country into exile with fear that the new president will revenge against him.

For the first time Uganda will have got a very charismatic but ruthless leader. His style of ruling will be brutal, and he is likely to run the country’s economy poorly. This is the kind of president that will ignore human rights, repress the Ugandan people, racially persecute the people and execute the people without hesitation.

During his time leadership, he will become the heavy weight boxing champion, a title he is likely to hold for some time. He will give himself all military ranks such as Field Marshal, conqueror of the British emperor, Dr. Mabirizi, VC, DSO, MC, CBE and many others. There is no single Uganda who will have the temerity to question the president’s authority and decisions.

One of the most influential leaders of the modern church in Africa, Archbishop Janan Luwum will be murdered. He will be arrested and then shot dead shortly after. Although government will describe it as a car crash, it will later on be generally accepted that he was murdered on the orders of President Mabirizi. The death of Luwum will have been brought about by the suspicions that he has arms at his palace at Namirembe.

The President will declare that the Asians, most of who are third-generation descendants of workers brought to Uganda by the British colonial administration, are given 90 days to leave the country and are only allowed to take what they can carry. “If they do not leave they will find themselves sitting on the fire,” Mabirizi will warn. The businesses, homes and possessions they leave behind will be distributed without compensation to president’s favorites.

There is doubt that the president will undermine the East African community programs by attacking fellow presidents calling them his wives, like Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere. Mabilizi will go ahead to accuse Tanzanian President Magufuli (I mean Julius Nyerere) of instigating the unrest and he will retaliate by annexing the Kagera Salient, a strip of territory north of the Kagera River.

The non nonsense Nyerere will mobilize a counter-offensive to recapture the land, and drive the Ugandan Army out with the help of Ugandan exiles. Nyerere will continue with his attacks up to Kampala. This is the battle that will oust our beloved president forcing him into exile in Libya and later on in Saudi Arabia.

He will comfortably live with oil sheikhs until his death. The ex-president will die of multiple body organ failure at King Faisal Specialist hospital in Saudi Arabia. There many good things we shall remember about this man; one of them is the Mpoma Satellite Earth station that he will build. There are many other developments that he will leave behind and his successors will only come to either destroy them or sell them or both.






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