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I will never marry a man who snores


I will never marry a man who snores

A snoring man

A young girl told her mother that she would never marry a man who snores at night. This alone did not worry the mother but what exactly worried her was how her daughter was going to discover which man snores and which one does not because  apparently she has to sleep with them first.

There are 15 million snorers in the UK. 10.5 million men and 4.5 million women. Snoring is common but it is not normal. The three main reasons for snoring are: being overweight, smoking and drinking alcohol. And the louder you snore, the more likely you are to be overweight.

Snoring is the often loud or harsh sound that can occur as you sleep. You snore when the flow of air as you breathe makes the tissues in the back of your throat vibrate. The sound most often occurs as you breathe in air, and can come through the nose, mouth or a combination of the two. It can occur during any stage of sleep.

About half of people snore at some point in their lives. Snoring is more common in men, though many women snore. It appears to run in families and becomes more common as you get older. About 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women are habitual snorers. Men become less likely to snore after the age of 70.

Sleeping on your back may make you more likely to snore. It may also occur as your throat muscles relax from use of alcohol or other depressants. Congestion from a cold or allergies can also cause you to snore. Snoring can be a nuisance to your partner and anyone else nearby. You may even snore loudly enough to wake yourself up. Though, in many cases people do not realize that they snore. Snoring can also cause you to have a dry mouth or sore or irritated throat when you wake up.

You should note that light snoring may not disrupt your overall sleep quality. It is heavy snoring that disrupts and it may be associated with obstructive sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder and a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many other health problems.

The fact that snoring affects our relationships comes from the belief that poor quality and insufficient sleep interfere with our thinking skills and judgment. Lack of sleep can make us irritable and short-tempered. Poor sleep diminishes our ability to manage conflict well, increasing negative feelings and reducing our ability to empathize. Lack of sleep has been shown in scientific research to make couples feel less appreciative of each other, and to experience greater feelings of selfishness. Sound like a recipe for relationship difficulties?




Isa Senkumba is a social critic

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