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Chameleon’s “Sweet Banana”


Chameleon’s “Sweet Banana”

Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone

The “Agataako” singer, has begun working on 2017 music projects.

Jose Chameleone has revealed that he is now focused on 2017 as he announced one of his upcoming projects.  He has already outed a new single dubbed, “Sweet Banana”. It has already gone viral over different social media platforms following a widely shared video Teaser.

The Lyrics

The song is about a woman who doesn’t give respect to Chameleone; that he seems to deserve, yet he loves her very much. “Sweet Banana”, appears to be in different languages as he declares her love for the woman whose friends don’t respect him, much less the woman.

For a seemingly dormant musical legend, Chameleon’s “Sweet Banana” might cease to mark his come-back. Given its presence in various media platforms it sounds too normal to be a hit. The song was blemished by top city promoter and Chameleon friend, Gareth Onyango.

The singer also fired back at critics for branding the song; rotten bananas, saying, “Wherever this started from! Echoing some idiots’ posts make you the same. I still call you a friend, brother and it won’t change. “Sweet Banana” is loading, regardless of the opinion of the Leon Island Music Empire.”



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