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Is your sex life gathering dust?


Is your sex life gathering dust?

It is claimed that when you spend too long in a relationship you even start to look alike, and the knowing each other and understanding each other is a beautiful thing, BUT ……unfortunately this is often bad news for sex! Perhaps it’s because of the together times that you spend and the fact that you know that sex is available 24/7 kicks the “horniness” out of romance and sex.

The good thing is that, this situation can be saved as long as you both don’t take each other and your sex life for granted! Before trying any of the following tips, the first thing that you should do individually is to make sure that you look good for each other (sexually), workout, do makeup’s blah blah, do whatsoever it takes as long as you make sure that you never fall off the cliff of ‘sexual attractiveness’.

The idea here is trying to keep the crazy hormones coming each time and making your sex experience seem like a one night stand.

Occasionally shock each other

We get bored seeing the same item and knowing what is in it, every other day, but somehow some companies have managed to stay afloat for decades, take Coke for instance, they sell the same stuff but they will package, advertise it and sell it to us till we get addicted to the damn thing and even and yearn for more.

So do the same, learn the act of packaging yourself afresh every time occasionally going to the extreme for example entice with sexy stuff like removing your panty and giving it to him to keep for you, examples are numerous just make sure that what you do is shocking, have you tried to make love in a public place say a park or a public toilet?

Have an affair with you partner

A newly wedded couple

A newly wedded couple

Do you remember the last time your partner seduced you? Perhaps it is when you had just met and had not gone too far, go back there! Make sure that, that dating/affairs period never stop, if it was spiced up by dates and gifts do not stop doing that, because the moment they stop then the sex bids farewell.

The good thing with this, is that you can start this even today after a long time of inactiveness and while at it try ‘thinking teen! ’ teen love is often the best of our love times because they were innocent and reckless!

Learn to kiss passionately

Close your eyes, take your time and slowly and passionately kiss with your heart, learning to kiss is one of the simplest things to do because you can even practice it on your own, try a mirror and kiss yourself and replicate what you do to your lover, what makes kissing unique is that the whole of the human body enjoys being kissed!

Sensual massages

Shock each other with a nice massage

I have always said this, apart from kissing and sex, there is no act that can equal massage! In fact you will find that less than 5% of all married couples or long term relationships partners have ever massaged themselves…have you ever? Let your hands linger all over their body, but as you do that, close your eyes and run your lips over the rest of the body.

It’s sensual and arousing, and it’ll surely make both of you feel really horny, another thing try doing it in front of a mirror!

Dirty talk and some noises

These are one of the sexiest things you can do while having sex, These two (dirty talk and noises when combined are always a huge cocktail of turn on!. And the best part about dirty talking in bed is that it can help you talk about your darkest sexual fantasies without the fear of being judged by your lover. It’ll bring both of you closer, make both of you feel more intimate, and it’ll open a new door of sexual bliss that’ll make sex feel as exciting as the first time!

Practice abstinence

Anything that is easily got and readily available will lose its charm, thus even if you know that you two have a 365 day ticket to go to ‘Namboole’ …please don’t kill the sex by just making it readily available, occasionally abstain and play sex on days that you know you are in the mood for it and when you have the energy and the time to do it! Doing this will be a huge turn on whenever you do it! One of my best erotic writers once wrote that

“Sex is the sexiest thing on earth’, even when you are doing it with the same person again and again and again, just twist and bend it and it won’t break! .





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