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‘The promised freedom’


‘The promised freedom’

All eyes on Crane's Farouk Miya

All eyes on Crane’s Farouk Miya

I will not spend so much time, like me, decide to walk towards he that sobs to wipe his tears. We shall see more wonders.

You clapped for me. Thank you. Now we must once again maintain silence so that we may accomplish more.

To prove doubters wrong, you must be ready to work, and think more than them. I wrote and praised the likes of Farouk Miya, last year. Again all the eyes are open, and fixed upon the cranes. We are human and therefore are not easily satisfied.

The goal you scored against Comoros was perhaps enough for us to qualify for the great tournament but we are saying: we need to smile again. Long struggle!

Problems here keep me thinking. Leaders left us alone to solve problems alone, in the struggle. You are hiding but you must know that someone is keeping me awake. They ask me questions. They want to be free. Come on, run towards this side Mr honourable, to make our work easy.

Huge ladders are upon me and people, who are respected and feared, in this country, are climbing us. I am doing one thing here. I am uncovering secrets that successful people didn’t want others to see.

Someone wants to see me jailed. Not all people are happy but now, what can we do? Small children are crying, for crumbs of bread. Our women are calling upon us.

We cannot ignore those voices. They are loud and really, are full of anger. I need you my friend! This freedom was promised to me and I am ready to, aggressively, seek it.

It is common men with brains that often come out to turn countries into places full of milk and honey. Follow me. I am in fact leading you to the destination that you see in your mind.

I can’t tell the day I started leading the life am today leading. I, for years, lacked what to eat but now, see these men, and women, calling upon me, wanting me to sit at the same dining tables with them.

I may want to join them and talk sense, and wisdom, to them, while eating, but, I see no time. So I will send them a text message informing them that am sorry for having disappointed them.

Fruits of labour, and thinking, come, and are enjoyed, if one accepts to wait. And why should you give up, at this moment of time? We have forced our way into the year that I wanted to see. We are going to succeed. Believe me.

Remove me from that group that predicts things because of fear that people might think or say. I have refused to talk. I will not shout, praising Magogo!

I know the principles of success. So, going to Dubai or North Africa to camp to train, or gaze at imposing skyscrapers may not make you an active competitor in Gabon.

It took us time. We dribble and score because we worked all the time, day and night. What Ronaldo did while still a little boy is what made the Ronaldo we see today. And the winner is Messi!

The premier league is among the few formidable things that England today exports. Very few people paid attention during the first years of that league. Now, even if you didn’t want to follow, you will want to know how Mourinho’s Manchester united performed. We shall get there!

This table is full of wise men and women and they can’t just look on as man perishes. We are still determined and shall, even if our adversary doesn’t like it, deliver you to the fertile fields.

I have suffered in this world. I have lived with so many poor men and women. I once sat through long nights, trying to think so that I may write, to save others, but, my friend, perhaps, never again will I ever hear such loud voices, sad and complaining, like those I heard last year. People cried. People groaned.

I saw people with the same blood like mine grumbling. Really these people had lost hope. Last year, I saw men, with brains, wanting to commit suicide. Thank God, the chapter, beyond the other one, is here. Someone cares, for you. Do not mind.

I will fight for you. I cannot go back, to the vestry, to rest. I see tears in the eyes of men and women, and children. I see you and I am here, once again, to hold you by your right hand to enable you stand once more. I know about the pain that someone might be feeling. Soon, all this will be over. Union is strength. Seeking the promised freedom, I will turn up next week. Stick around!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist

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