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Marrying early is equally good

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Marrying early is equally good

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Young women during a pre-wedding ceremony

Young women during a pre-wedding ceremony

A relationship expert was hosted on one of the television stations. He was ambushed with a tricky question which he failed to answer. The question was; at what age should one get married?  As he answered the question he forgot that there are different categories of people. There are those who don’t go far with their education while others have to finish school first.

He also forgot that there are cultures that attach strong emphasis on marriage while others don’t. Family beliefs as well as financial status are others factors to consider here. The expert simply said that 25 years is good for the lady and 30 for the man.

The decision to marry or not to marry is a fundamental one. You must have reasons to support the decision you intend to make.  A number of people will tell you delaying marriage is the best thing while others say it is more logical to marry early.

Today I have preferred to discuss the importance of marrying early, not because I condemn delaying marriage. It is because this is an option that most people are likely to ignore in preference for delayed marriage.

You will discover that for most people who get married young, they have the chance to know their partners early in their life. Growing up with your partner means that you know their history, their character, and the way they have responded to challenges. They develop together, and grow from childhood into adulthood together, and are uniquely suited to taking on the obstacles that life throws at them, together.

Marrying early also means that you are bringing a lot less baggage into the relationship. Less time spent single means less exes, means less baggage, and means less stress in the relationship. This gives room for a pure relationship free from bias and distrust.

Most people are haunted by their regrettable past and find themselves carrying their past into their future relationships. This has a negative impact on their future relationships. Marrying early is likely to save one from such a history.

There is nothing more important to a woman than being part of her husband’s financial achievement. As you get older, most people get more financially secure and start building better lives for themselves. So getting married early means that you go through all that progress, accomplishment, and achievement together.

You get to experience what it’s like to be part of a struggle.  But when you get married late, often times a lot of the hard work has already been done, and thus the rewards have already been experienced.




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