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When being a thief becomes a career


When being a thief becomes a career

Bloody mose

Bloody nose

Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it. This is okay as long as we get it using lawful means.

Thieves on the contrary grab what does not belong to them. They only know one possessive pronoun and that’s “mine”. Whatever comes into their sight is theirs.  In tales you are advised never to let a thief into your house three times. The first time was enough. The second time was a chance. The third time means you’re stupid.”

But why choose to be a thief when you can still make it in life with your effort? When you optimize your talents very well, you can pick money from people’s pockets and nobody will ever get the guts to call you a thief. And this is the naked truth.

One of the most fascinating stories of robberies and thefts is that of The French Vacuum gang.  Since 2006, in France, an unknown gang of thieves have been emptying supermarket safes, using nothing more than a drill and a modified vacuum cleaner.

The innovative group of bandits found a weakness in French supermarket Monoprix’s system of storing cash, and have been exploiting it ever since. Envelopes of cash are funneled into the safe via pneumatic suction tubes.

Whereas breaching the safe itself might be considerably difficult, requiring explosives or safecracking, the thieves realized that if they just drilled into the delivery tubes near the safe and hooked up a powerful vacuum, they could suck the money out and get at it much more easily.

This mode of robbery is very unique as most thieves would resort to safe cracking methods, which leave more evidence. Techniques such as using explosives, or tools like a thermal lance or plasma cutter, are the common choice of career burglars. As of 2011, the vacuum gang has successfully stolen almost $880,000,000, in fifteen night-time heists, leaving only a few CCTV tapes of masked men for evidence.

Generally when someone steals a valuable item, outrage or possibly sadness is an obvious reaction. But there are situations when a tragic incident turns out to be comic and surprising.

In what will come across as a really surprising moment, one thief has managed to make such a situation a true possibility and turned things around to win sympathy for his crime. After a man stole a student’s laptop the man wrote a letter apologizing.  The thief wrote in the mail that they were poor and needed money.

In fact, they even offered to send files that the student might need for their course work.  The tweet immediately went viral and after listening to such a bizarre story the public couldn’t help but shower love on the thief’s genuine gesture.



Isa Senkumba is a social critic

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