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Mystery surrounds missing woman as friends cite gay links

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Mystery surrounds missing woman as friends cite gay links

Mystery surrounds the news of missing woman Ms. Nisha Nakawungu who was summoned by Mengo magistrates’ court following the death of a close friend Ms Nelly Nakimera who was allegedly mobbed by unknown people in Kasangati a Kampala Suburb.

It is understood that on 18/2/2019, the 27 year-old  Ms Nakawungu had to go to court and she never turned up and her whereabouts and yet to be known.

Reports show that  Ms Nakawungu  was summoned on 22 June 2018  to report to Mengo Court on charges related to sodomy where she had  appear on 18th , February 2019  but never resurfaced .

Insiders indicate that Ms. Nakawungu an alleged lesbian and who had for long had a relationship with Ms Nelly Nakimera which had been rumored  for a while.

A member of Ms. Nakawungu Family who seek anonymity revealed that one family member noted that “Our family can no longer contain a person of Ms Nakawungu’s character and fear seeing her recruiting other family members into Homosexuality”

Efforts to reach Ms Nakawungu have still remained futile.



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