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Douglas pleads to Fille on Kats behalf


Douglas pleads to Fille on Kats behalf

Douglas Lwanga with MC Kats

Douglas Lwanga with MC Kats

NBS television presenter and Purple party CEO has pleaded to musician Fille to sit, talk and agree with MC Kats on terms that will see the two push ahead in life.

After Kats and Fille fell out of both their love and business relationships, songstress Fille appeared on television asking Kats to sit and sort their differences because of the many memories they both shared. Her plea must have landed on deaf ears since no response was received from baby dady.

Later on, Fille released a song that must have ruined even the little relationship that had been left between the two. After Kats heard

‘Amadirisa gayiika nze sikujjukira, masanyalaze gagenda oli munzikiza

Mbu you come back for more, mpulira wakyuka, nze nzija mubintu byo vamukuloota

Nga wankyanga wankuba rwagga, wanfula mukozi mubwakabaka

Nontagula omutima, nga ngumye anti ninze mbaga……………..bye bye bye bye ex….’


MC Kats and Fille in their happy moments

MC Kats and Fille in their happy moments

some of the lyrics from Fille’s new song ‘bye bye ex’, he felt the world needed to know where he had got his baby mama from. As Fille’s was performing her fall in love again song on Valentine’s Day at Wave lounge, Kats stormed the stage, grabbed the Microphone from her and expressed his resentment over his baby mama’s lyrics. He also revealed to the world how he helped get HER from scratch yet she turned out to be ungrateful.

Through an open letter on social media, Lwanga asked Fille to sit and reconcile with her baby daddy before things went out of hand.

Douglas’ open letter to Fille Mutoni



You know we had to meet several times and talk about this but somehow all meetings failed. I know you’re such a determined soul and once you put your mind to something you go for it. I am not as close to you as I am to Mc Kats but at least I am not here to judge you or Back up my bro. am only here to say we can have a better way to solve this. People fall in and out of love on a daily so it’s not new.

I have interacted with Kats on a daily i know he has failed you many times but you too have failed him many times. If its soccer it’s a draw.

Let’s all get that quiet time and remember the sacrifices that took to build that brand and the happy moments you two shared. Unless you say there was no impact he had in your life but I know you have confessed he has been instrumental to your career.

Fille had sleepless nights in studio making music while Kats spent equally more sleepless nights in bars not hosting events but rather promoting Fille music and making sure she gets airplay. One would think because Kats is a Mc it was automatic the music had to play but NO the industry doesn’t work like that’ you have to kiss peoples feet to get to the Top and Kats did that. That effort is worth much more than money, he needed love in exchange.

Honestly I know he hurt you in many ways, you had a right to go mad but remember you too did the same to him in equal measure. No one can forget 8 years of working together and just drop the ball. No one can take that in easily and I don’t judge Kats for any actions I see him take. You built the Beast Fille and it’s you to come back and tame it. He is super mad at what is happening and I know you can calm this situation. On the other side I know you were also so tired of all that was going on and was waiting to exit. Question was how

Every friend of Kats wants the best for him and we also want the best for you Fille. You may seem happy right now but am sure there times you sit and think about the father of your child and whatever memories you too shared. Am not saying for both of you to get back together but rather for you to have just one more conversation. People always move on but Question is how. Kats can still pick up himself but he won’t let another man disrespect all his years’ efforts. He is a very stubborn human being. I know you know him so well. I also know you have a stubborn determined side on you.

You know i have reached out to you since. We failed to meet. The things going on are no longer funny anymore. No one can calm this situation except you and Kats alone. You both deserve peace. Singing about these things makes the situation much worse. I wish you well but asking lets all calm down our egos before it gets to a worse situation we all will regret. Just know Kats only wishes well, the world might judge him right now for the decisions he takes but he wishes well. Fille come settle things bambi so we can have this brother back in one piece. Tukwegayilide. I LOVE YOU BOTH.


Thank you





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