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Why it’s a win win for Remah & Kenzo


Why it’s a win win for Remah & Kenzo

Musician Remah and her new beau Dr. Ssebunya

Musician Remah and her new beau Dr. Ssebunya

Uganda’s social atmosphere is abuzz with talk about the hottest diva and Queen of Love music Rema Namakula finding new love. Remah’s pictures with her beau a one Dr. Faizal Ssebunya triggered both excitement and anger among some of her fans.

For the most part however, they have kept the social media rumour very active in recent days with immense talk and speculation about her estranged love affair with Edirisa Musuuza a.k.a Eddy Kenzo. In fact all indication is that Rema is set to introduce the Mulago referral hospital employee come November.

But the news has not gone down well with Eddy Kenzo. Kenzo revealed he was saddened by Rema’s decision to dump him, despite his professed love.

In a regretful letter he posted on his facebook page, Kenzo went close to tears in mourning Remah’s decision to dump him for Dr. Ssebunnya.

He wrote in a mixture of Luganda and English that: Fenga abantu tusaba birara naye mukama aba n’entegeka ze.

Nsabira maama Aamal obufumbo oburungi nsaba ALLAH akutere emirembe mu Mr Sebunya Doctor, akwagale nyo okusinga nze bwenkwagala kubanga bwanansinga okwagala ajakuba akwagadde byansuso REMA!!! Nkwagala and I remember telling you this in our last conversation 2 weeks back.

Era mbadde nkigamba from day one. And you know its not new to you I always told you I love you. I don’t know oba you believed me or not but let me repeat here, nkwagala nyo that’s why you will always be family forever.

The above literally translates thus; As individuals we have our wishes, but God (Allah) has his own plans for us. I wish you a happy marriage with Dr. Ssebunnya.

But if he loves you more than I did, he will have loved you very much!! I love you Remah and I remember telling you this two weeks ago. I don’t know why you don’t believe me but I will repeat it here. I love you so much that you will forever be a part of our family.” He added:

NAMAKULA! gw’omanyi ebyange munnange, like ebyapa byange gwe abirina card z’emotoka abaana n’ebirara era nzikiriza nkusabbe mu public nti bwoba otuse okuva E’seguku nga ogenda awuwo in your new blessings please take everything you want.

Remember nze another thing okimanyi ndimuragajavu nyo ate ntambula nyo ebintu byange bija kumburako so keep them for me please. Until I trust someone else again.

Loosely translated as; “Namakula you know everything of mine love, land titles, car registration documents and children. Let me publicly ask you that when the time comes for you to leave our Seguku home, take whatever you desire. You know I am careless and I may lose my valuables, please keep them for me, until I trust someone else.


Rema’s decision to call it quits has been long in the making. The duo’s relationship didn’t get the blessings of her guardian Halima Namakula who raised her.

It is also reported that Moses Ssali a.k.a Bebe Cool, who was Rema’s first employer under the Gagamel crew, didn’t support Rema moving in with Kenzo. Rema, ignored this early advice and went ahead with the boy from the street.

Besides the initial opposition from her mentors, there was talk that the two had differing personalities and class. Kenzo was a boy from the street while Rema is a cultured girl raised in a religious and proper home.

A number of commentators viewed Rema as a class above Kenzo. Could this be the reason why Remah detested Kenzo’s friends frequenting their home as Kenzo complained.

To be fair to Kenzo, Rema’s reported escapades with several male musicians actually lowered her previously perceived status in the eyes of many. A player deserves a player! Many commented.

Love is an affair between two people. The moment the two started seeing other people, the signs were on the wall that their love was gone.

So far, the duo have exercised A high degree of civility.

We have noT heard either party express ill-will against the other. This is a good sign that should be emulated by everyone that separation can happen and must be peaceful, no matter the wealth accumulated and that separation can actually be a win win for either side.




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