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President Museveni excites Revelers at Kusasira’s Concert


President Museveni excites Revelers at Kusasira’s Concert

Catherine Kusasira of the Golden Band held her first “Tears of a Woman Concert” on Friday evening at Serena hotel where the President was the guest of honour

museveni during Bebecools Golden heart concert last year

The President at this massive concert caused excitement and laughter for the revelers when he pulled some strokes while handing Kusasira, who was on stage, an envelope that was said to have contained millions of cash

below is museveni dancing

While going back to his seat, the president also pulled some military moves which kept the crowd in ecstatic laughter.

The president said that this was third time to attend a musical concert with the first one being at Munyonyo where he hosted a good numbr of Musicians who sang the Tubonga Nawe campaign song, and the second being the Golden Heart concert held by Bebe Cool aka Moses Ssali at Kololo ceremonial grounds.

In a tweet after the concert, Museveni said “I was thrilled to see Ugandans enjoying themselves in a peaceful environment”



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