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The Brave Village project launched to amplify voices of local actors for development


The Brave Village project launched to amplify voices of local actors for development

Naomi Ayot Oyaro, 3rd left, who is the Executive Director of CAPAIDS with her team at the launch of the LLL project

CAPAIDS Uganda has launched the Local Leadership LABS (LLL) Project dubbed (The Brave Village Project), with the aim of enhancing the voices of local actors to influence development across social economic spheres.

CAPAIDS works with grassroot community based organizations to enable communities to resist, survive and overcome socio-economic inequities.

The LLL project activities will include; constituency building, multi stakeholder engagement, solutions labs and collective learning among others.

In an event that took place at Hillside Plaza Hotel in Bukoto on April 2, 2024, Naomi Ayot Oyaro, Executive Director CAPAIDS said that the project will focus on creating an inclusive space for transformative change towards sustainable locally-led development.

“CAPAIDS will join hands with existing community structures to innovatively document and expose the voices of local actors in order to influence development,” she revealed

The targeted regions in this stakeholder consultations are; Acholi, Eastern, Central, Karamoja, Western, Northern and Kasese.

The LABS project will be implemented in three stages thus; discovery stage – involving stakeholder identification and demand articulation, Ideation stage including local co-design exercises, dialogue on policy issues, action stage including implementation of solutions and sharing key insights.

Ayot noted that there is need to design and implement the project reflecting on the development needs of the local community.

“The local leaders have the knowledge, networks, linkages, expertise, resources and proximity that can be relevant while engaging with the community. We shall co-design the solutions that have been addressed by our beneficiaries,” she added

Owora Henry, Programs Director Internal Risk Management Group (IRMG) echoed the need to carefully select the project beneficiaries.

“The process has to be transparent and balanced especially when selecting the people that are going to benefit from the project. Most times the beneficiaries don’t get access to funds yet they are the ones supposed to benefit from these programs,” he said

The LABS project is funded by the CIVICUS Global Alliance, a global civil society network working to improve the support ecosystem for local actors.



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