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Korean Mindset Education Conference explores ways to deepen mindset education in Uganda


Korean Mindset Education Conference explores ways to deepen mindset education in Uganda

Prof. Jang-Saeng Kim presenting about mindset education in Korea

Mindset greatly determines a person’s attitude to work, role in the community and influences many other virtues such as integrity and patriotism.

But to cultivate and nurture a common set of values that can propel a nation toward meaningful economic transformation, is no mean task.

Although many countries and societies have tried with different ideological programs aimed at achieving social-economic transformation, experience from the Republic of Korea through its New Village Movement also known as Samaul Undong, are perhaps most compelling when it comes to economic development.

Given Uganda’s seemingly elusive quest for social-economic transformation as witnessed by the country’s failure to escape from the poverty trap, and it’s attendant characteristics like lack of value addition in production, there’s been a call for the East African country to have some self-reflection particularly through adopting some lessons from Korea.

Since reviving its diplmatic ties with Uganda in 2011, the Republic of Korea, has shown willingness to showcase how the New Village Movement contributed to its rapid economic development.

Recently, a conference was held at the Four Points Hotel in Kololo, Kampala, that once again created a platform to further discuss how Uganda can come up with its own Mindset Education to cause positive social and economic change, in reference to the Korean Mindset Education Model.

The Deputy Ambassador of Korea in Uganda Jung-Eun Lee noted that the conference offered a platform for sharing of ideas that would deepen cooperation in mindset education.

Already, the Government of Korea has supported the Government of Uganda to build a national leadership centre at Kampriringisa in Mpigi district that targets mindset education for all leaders.

Mindset education has also taken root at Makerere University as attested by professors Peter Baguma and his colleague Prof. Florence Nansubuga.

Professor Nansubuga highlighted the fact that the University has successfully adopted a two-step mindset education model, drawing inspiration from Korea. Prof. Nansubuga further noted that the primary goal of mindset studies at the University is to change attitudes and behaviours to align them with Uganda’s National Development Plan.

Prof. Jang-Saeng Kim, from Yonsei University in Korea emphasised the importance of lifestyle changes, alongside traditional classroom education as crucial in achieving genuine mindset change.

Other participants expressed the need to expand mindset education at other universities as well as other non-formal learning platforms, if the desired changes are to happen sooner rather than later.



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