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KCCA, UNRA should work on access roads


KCCA, UNRA should work on access roads

Allen Kagina, ED Uganda National Roads Authority

I do not know if there is anybody now who is not affected by the traffic jams. Even those who are travelling by helicopter would know that the people whom they have appointments with would have delayed because they had to overcome the persistent traffic jams.

Since we cannot immediately rebuild the railways, or construct overpasses of underground railways, to ease the transport chaos, let us use what we have. To and from Kampala every day, when coming from the suburbs or the adjoining towns, the taxis try as much as possible to avoid the congested main roads by traversing in the side roads. And yet these roads are not at all cared for, still they ease the burden of traffic jams. What if these roads were asphalts, how much would it reduce the jams? The same goes for up-country access roads.

The people who are concerned at the KCCA  and UNRA should seriously think about working on these roads. They would be infinitely cheaper than the major asphalt ones. Since I, a lowly person, can think of this, why can’t the so-called important people think about it, too?


Abigail Nawolo

Ku Biri, Kawempe




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