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Ziza Bafana returns to his ghetto after rent challenge


Ziza Bafana returns to his ghetto after rent challenge

Musician Ziza Bafana

Musician Ziza Bafana

Okay there was a time when Bafana was minting money like no other and it was during that time that he made a very bad decision of flying with the high and mighty.

Someone wrongly advised him that he is no longer ghetto compatibility and that he should make a “CLASS” shift to the appropriate class.

It was at that time that he decided to shift to Munyonyo, where he was required to cough a cool 1.8 million shillings every month!

And as I said earlier, the money then was rolling in, but then the draught set in and the rest is history…

As we speak now, he has parked his expensive furniture and moved back to his ghetto in Rubaga.

Now someone should calculate the money he spent on rent in the two years in Munyonyo. After this calculation you will definitely realize that a clever man would have managed to build himself a small ka house



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