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Male Mabirizi: Unruffled lawyer set to leave prison to start where he started


Male Mabirizi: Unruffled lawyer set to leave prison to start where he started

Jailed perenial litigant Male Mabirizi though in prison has remained active including challenging government decisions

Renowned lawyer and perennial litigant, Male Mabirizi brags he is still hotter as a live-wire despite spending a total of eighteen months in prison.

The man who captured the public eye and ear after dragging his king, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II to court over charging bibanja holders user fees, says that prison hasn’t turned him into a softie at all.

“I am coming out in March to start where I stopped,” Mabirizi vows in a very recent media interview.

He states this in reference to dozens of cases he has been filing against members of the judiciary plus the State and powerful State actors to question what he calls their excesses.

His current prison predicament came after he wrote sarcastically of the head of the civil division of the high court, Justice Musa Ssekaana, who he brands biased and unfit to head a simple family court.

A riled Ssekaana responded by directing Mabirizi’s arrest from Kyambogo university and hurling him to the civil prison in lieu of him paying a fine worth UGX300m.

Mabirizi had prior to that rubbed the wrong side of Ssekaana’s boss, Chief Justice Alphonse Owinyi Dollo by branding him a fearful and biased judge to be able to decide against the President having served as his attorney in the past.

Consequently, the lawyer demanded of the Chief Jstice to get off the petition Bobi Wine had filed to question President Yoweri Museveni’s 2021 election victory.

Dollo declined to leave the bench in the petition and called Mabirizi a really unreasonable fella.

In the very latest media interview, Mabirizi shares how, other than dampening his spirit, the prison experience has instead steeled him to stand firm in pursuit of the rule of law, justice and democracy.

If I have been able to file more than eighty cases while in detention, he brags, “brace for what is going to happen when I finally leave the prison in March.”



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