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Let kids be kids


Let kids be kids

Nursery kids are supposed to play kids games not adult games

Nursery kids are supposed to play kids games not adult games

For some time now, ‘Despacito’ a song by Daddy Yankee has been the song topping the music charts. It’s renowned for its video where sexual heat is defined by bodies coming alive with sensual squeezing and dirty touches. I bet you have watched that video and at some point you felt hot with the need to fan yourself.

So, how would you feel when you go to your nursery kid graduation concert and you watch your baby girl being sandwiched by two baby boys with one of their legs between her thighs dancing to a worldly song like despesito?

When I watched what was on the stage and related it with the video, it was as if someone was trying to get me sexually aroused using my very own child.

What I felt when I watched the performance was close to disgust. Being a decent parent, I almost ran to the stage to get my baby girl from what I saw as a scandalous dance.

Hello! Is this what our kids are taught in their co-curriculum activities? Is it any wonder that by the time our kids get to 10 years of age, they are so sexually active?

It’s a bit disappointing to discover that while parents struggle to inbuild morals in their children, a certain teacher out there is destroying their innocence.

If that’s not enough, after the dance show, came next the fashion display. The kids on the platform modeling their little fancy outfits looked more of ghost on a Halloween’s day. It was the making of all that pound of make-up that was glued on their little faces with the funny wigs on their heads.

I wonder why Teachers now days don’t get it that kids are supposed to be kids. Why do they struggle to make a small girl look like a grown up woman when she is simply a child? If they were just acting a play, I would have understood. Plays involve portraying the exact image of a character. But making them look like grown up models didn’t make any sense.

Are you trying to imply that kids cannot look good by being themselves or they can’t entertain us by singing and playing their own kiddish songs?

The next time if am to attend a kid’s concert, please let it be a kids entertainment show but not an imitation of a grown up concerts. Let them sing their baby songs other than these worldly songs that don’t fit their lives.




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