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We need our own RobinHood


We need our own RobinHood

KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi's no nonsense approach has sidelined many poor people

KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi’s no nonsense approach has sidelined many poor people

If you have ever watched Robin Hood as an animation or as a movie or may be read the book, you would come to appreciate Robin as a champion of the common people who fought against injustice. Whenever the common man was cheated, he would make an attack, steal back what was taken and return it to the rightful owner.

During the Easter week, KCCA made a name for itself while it pushed and shoved vendors off the streets. I wonder why they had to wait for the Easter season to do their dirty work.

I saw many vendors both men and women shed tears with melancholic faces averted as their merchandise were packed off on the KCCA trucks. If one dared to resist, he/she would be packed off as well along with his/her merchandise.

What pissed me off however was that these vendors were not actually on the streets but attached to the verandahs of shops were they sold their goods without blocking or crowding the streets. Surprisingly enough, KCCA has been ignoring them until it reached the Easter season. It makes me wonder why?

If we were living in a good economy where one could afford the cost of living, KCCA’s policies would have been justified but the sad thing is that we are living in a poor economy where we have to struggle really hard to survive. And as we struggle to survive, the big guns come and steal away the little that we have achieved. Isn’t that what they call injustice?

It’s not like these vendors are engaging themselves in criminal activities. They are simply trying to make a living out of this poor economy. So why try to make hell for them.

Can you blame me now if I call for a Robin Hood of our time? Someone who will help us fight this kind of injustice. A fearless and faceless hero who will be able to steal back our gains and profits stolen by the big guns. Yes, I believe its Robin Hood that we need.

Damallie Babirye, Kampala




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